Production Platform

The polyurethane product line is the the equipment for producing polyurethane sandwich panel, which is the industrial and civilian construction material, having the high performance is heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, waterproof, decorative, etc. The polyurethane foamed and get into sharp when it run through the double caterpillar machine. Then the cured ready-made sandwich panel is cut according the requited dimension. This machine product line mainly produces roof and wall panel.

Our company introduced a number of professional product lines and automatically testing equipment, which form the production to be automatically and intelligent so that promise the high quality product; huge repository of materials, clean and orderly arrangement of material, which provide a quality production to the production process.



HEGE company in order to meet customers’ requirements, finished steel components will proceed final inspection and test according to clients’ order product standard by the quality inspector, guarantee the quality of each steel member meet the national standards, ensure the installation precision to the highest. To ensure the steady flow of production materials can be supplied. HEGE company expand the aspect of store to be the maximum. Also the management and out by hand, placed in neat material. The channel follow which make by the specially person.



Technological innovation, is our way of thinking; self-development, is our driving force. Hege has an a team, who can work from idear to implement while we continue to provide housing solutions, we also build product benchmark.


PRODUCT Advantage of

1、    The product in our company pass through the national ISO2001:2008 quality system certification, all products are in compliance with ISO2001:2008 quality management.

2、    Our products has won the “Chinese famous brand, China Construction Recommendation Products. Green protection products, Guangdong Famous products, China A degree fire composite plates” etc other honors and won a number of “design patent”.

3、    The company has perfect production management standards and processes, with the industry’s most advanced composite plate manufacturing equipment and sophisticated welding process. Many kinds of products that can meet a variety of customer needs. Our Competitive advantage: A, Good material quality; B, Delivery deadline on time; C, Best customer service.

4、    Our company adhere to the “people are the first enterprise invested capital” employment ideal. To cultivate and encourage employers is our company’s basis principle on selecting, training, employing and remaining. We focus on cooperation culture and has a” strong technology, excellent quality and best service” talent team.

5、    Our company has a stable quality, timely delivery, excellen t service, strength and stable cooperative material suppliers which can supply material with best quality, full amount punctually to meet all customers orders requirement.