Africa Popular Prefab Prefabricated House Villa Dormitory for Family or Labors

Product ID:HG-P056





Activity room is a light steel as the skeleton to the sandwich panels for the retaining material to the standard modular series of space for the combination of components connected by bolts, a new concept of environmentally friendly mobile homes. Can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, and has realized the common standardization of temporary buildings and set up the building concept of environmental protection and energy saving, quick and high efficiency, enabling the temporary houses to enter into a serialized development, integrated production, supporting supply, stockable and The field of styling products used on many occasions.



First of all, the activity room is a new type of light steel combo board room, with a reasonable material and steel structure. Can achieve a very good safety effect, the specific data is strong earthquake magnitude 7 and 12 typhoon resistance, which is difficult to do in general houses. Therefore, it is widely used in some earthquake-stricken areas, such as Wenchuan and Japan.

Second, the lower cost of the activity room, due to some characteristics of the activity room, compared to some brick buildings, it is a very low cost, and can be recycled, the use of life is relatively long, according to statistics, The average number of reusable units for a single mobile home is six or more. From these data, we can also understand that the comprehensive cost of a mobile home is relatively low.

In addition, one activity room has been constructed very quickly, and a single installation team can install more than 500 square meters a week, which is hard to imagine in the field of traditional architecture. And such a building will not generate construction waste. This certainly undoubtedly plays a very good role in protecting the environment and fits the current needs.