Prefabricated Metal Shed Steel Structure

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Our company imported professional H-beam production line at home and abroad.H-beam production line includes CNC cutting machine, H beam

assembled machine, H beam welding machine, H-beam straightening machine and other machines.


Comparing with traditional concrete structure , light steel structure is homogeneous , strong and with short construction period As well as , light steel struck-sure is remarkable anti-seismic and high percentage recovery ? Strength and elasticity modulus of steel is several times higher than bricks , so steel structure is light mass under the condition of same load On damage side , ht steel structure has e omen of deformation and belongs Ductile fracture structure , which can identify risks , so that it can avoid risks.


Steel structure has following advantages : light weight , convenient , economic hot construction period , large span , durable structure , building new aesthetic etc Light steel structure mainly apply on large span factory , warehouse cooling storage , high-rise building ,office building multi-storey car park and residence.



1. Material is high strength and light weight

Both steel strength and elasticity modulus are high And comparing with concrete and wood , the ration between steel density and its yield strength is low , so steel structure has small component section and light weight under same stress condition , which can apply on large-span , high , weight structure.


2 .Steel is good toughness , ? good ? plasticity homogenous and its structure is safe

Light steel structure can withstand the impact and dynamic loading and has good anti-seismic function.Steel internal organization structure is on average and is similar to isotropic plasmids . Steel structure is work well on theory of computation in practice.


3 Light steel structure has high mechanization degree on production and installation

Light steel structural member is convenient to product and assemble Mechanization makes high precision steel structural member , high efficiency production , high speech assembly and short construction period . Light steel structure is a structure with highest industrialization degree.


4 Light steel structure has well seal function

Welding structure can be sealed completely , so it can be such structure with good air tightness and water tightness as high pressure vessel , large oil pool and pressure piping.


5 light steel structure is heat-proof but not fire-proof.

Steel property just change little bit under 150 so light steel structure can apply on hot procedure workshop On the contrary , structure need to be protected by heat insulation board when its face suffers 150 C heat ? radiation . Steel strength and its elasticity modulus go down obviously in 300 c-400 C Steel strength tent to be zero in about 600 C . In a building with special fire roof requirement steel structure must to use fire-proof materials for upgrade fire-proof level.


6 fire-proof

Steel strength just change a few when surface temperature is under 150 C , so light steel structure can apply on hot procedure workshop Steel strength tent to  zero in 500 c-600 C . Therefore , steel structure will collapse suddenly in fire disaster for s fire-proof time is short . In a building with special fire proof requirement , steel structure must to use fire-proof materials.


7 . low-carbon , energy saving , environmental and recycle.

Construction rubbish almost will not emerged in dismantlement of steel structure .And steel can be recycled.