Light steel villa -- a new building system

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With the passage of time, many steel structures have been used in many buildings. China's steel structure appeared in 90s, when the construction structure started a wave. In the display of structural advantages, steel structure works are widely used in buildings. The new steel structure housing construction system can connect the real estate industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry between the line of convergence into a new industrial system, which is generally favored by the industry light steel villa system.


The advantages of light steel villa are:

(one) greatly save construction time, and construction is not affected by season.

(two) increasing the use area of residential space

(three) reducing construction waste and environmental pollution, and building materials can be reused.

(four) pull the development of other new building materials industry;

(five) the seismic performance of light steel structure is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick concrete residence.

(six) ease of use, flexibility and convenience in use.

(seven) bring comfort, safety and so on.


Due to the non-renewable land resources, the Ministry of Construction has banned the use of traditional clay bricks. China's steel output has reached 170 million tons. The situation of serious oversupply has forced steel enterprises to find another way. For example, the introduction of foreign mature steel structure residential building system, for the construction industry and steel industry to find a new way out. To this end, steel and building materials enterprises in the forefront of steel structure housing.


In recent years, compared with steel structure buildings and brick-concrete structure buildings, they have obvious advantages in environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and factory production. The development of steel structure will certainly promote the rapid development of construction industry, metallurgical industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, agriculture, petroleum industry, commerce, transportation industry. The development history of steel structure is longer than that of reinforced concrete structure, and its vitality is becoming stronger and stronger.

Three advantages of light steel villa in Construction:

(1) Seismic resistance of light steel residential buildings: the inherent seismic performance of light steel structural systems is determined by the light weight of light steel structures, the properties of metal materials and the necessary structural forms of shear walls. Because the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, so with fasteners linked to the light steel structure formed a safe and stable box, not because of the earthquake shaking and wall collapse or floor fall endanger personal safety. When the earthquake intensity is 9 degrees, it can satisfy the requirement of not collapsing.

(2) Light steel villas are relatively light, the "bulk density to strength ratio" of steel is generally less than wood, concrete and masonry, and lighter than reinforced concrete structures by 30% - 50%;

(3) Light steel villas have small cross-section and can increase the effective building area by about 8% compared with reinforced concrete structures.

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