What is the activity board room and its installation method?

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1. What is a mobile boarding house?


Movable slab house is a kind of environment-friendly and economical movable house with light steel as skeleton, sandwich panel as envelope material, standard modulus series as space combination, and bolt connection as component. The movable panel house can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient construction, making temporary houses into a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and multi-cycle use of stereotyped products.


2. Installation method of mobile board room:

The movable slab house is similar to the building, it is better to use reinforced concrete or 24-wall brick to lay the foundation of the surrounding and partition wall, which is more solid; then the column is connected with the skeleton by the transverse beam, the upper partition board, the outer wall board and the door and window frame; then the floor purlin is installed, the stairs are installed, the floor is laid, and then the upper one is installed. Layer, then roof and roof panels; finally install doors and windows, pull vertical support. There are sanitary ware, hardware and so on.


In fact, this is the light steel structure, and the heavy steel structure factory building is very similar to the activity room covert project is that in the construction process, after the completion of the previous process, will be the next process to cover up, after all can not be inspected after the completion of the site, do room decoration, covert project is the key, if not done well, the surface; It is useless to dress beautifully.


Concealed works can be divided into water installation, electrical installation, moisture-proof and waterproof projects. Each of these projects can not be ignored, if any link goes wrong, it may bring serious economic losses, and even harm to personal safety. The construction technology and material identification of waterproofing works can avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.

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