Characteristics of metal decorative thermal insulation board in movable rooms

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The characteristics of metal decorative thermal insulation board in movable rooms are:


1, wide adaptability

The metal carved board is constructed with keel hanging, which requires low level of smoothness and cleanliness of base course, plug-in installation between board and board, and corresponding fittings are fastened between joints and angles of yin and yang, which basically eliminates the use of glue seals and hook joints, and requires low operating temperature and humidity, and various building structures such as brick mixing, frame, shear wall, steel structure, etc. It has strong adaptability.


2. Weathering durability

Metal carving board topcoat with high weather resistance polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint, the use of baking paint process coated on the base alloy steel plate, the surface of the formation of a dense quaternary crystal layer, effectively avoid common coating cracking, peeling phenomenon; metal carving board self-cleaning, to ensure that the appearance is always beautiful, outdoor use of 10-15 years without fading; The aluminum zinc alloy steel plate has strong corrosion resistance and can last for more than 45 years.


3. Decoration and heat insulation integration

The material has the function of decoration and heat preservation at the same time. Apparently, through embossing and baking the alloy steel plate, it can form many artistic decorative effects, such as mahogany pattern, cultural stone, marble, mosaic, etc. Metal carved board composite polyurethane heat preservation and insulation layer can effectively solve the problem of single function of traditional decorative materials, and exterior wall decoration. In summer, the indoor temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that of ordinary buildings. It only takes about 5-8 years to recover the material cost of air conditioning and cooling.


4. Superior environmental performance

Metal carved board finished materials, dry hanging construction, greatly reduce the use of auxiliary materials (such as mortar, etc.) in site construction, effectively avoid the construction site dust phenomenon, material stacking in an orderly manner, to ensure a clean construction environment.


5. Finished installation

It can effectively reduce the installation cost, speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period, effectively eliminate the uncertainty brought by the working environment and workers, ensure excellent and stable quality, overcome the traditional materials due to auxiliary materials, worker operation, grass-roots and other reasons. Decorative quality problems such as paint cracking, ceramic tile falling and so on.

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